Jan 1, 2010

Random Thoughts about My Past Year

I've explored too little and ached too much. I had such great hopes of exploring more of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan which is right out our backdoor. We spent many hours this past year doing outdoor projects like finishing off our fenced in garden, building birdhouses, a log swing and a grape arbor, just to name a few.  But now that those projects are completed, this will become our summer of fun. We've lived here for nearly 5 years in some beautiful country and want to discover more of it.  We're within an hours drive of both Lake Superior and Lake Michigan, and loving the water as much as we do, we plan to visit both lakes more often this year.

And back to my aching; shame on me, I know its because I was lax on exercising this past year. This too shall pass. I don't make New Years resolutions like in the past ~ because it became the same old chant from one year to the next and never with any results. So I refuse to once again vow to "lose weight", I will however become more active and aware of my own physical being.

I am so blessed with "stuff" that I need to start sorting through some of it and downsize. I want to be prepared for whatever comes my way. Having lost my first husband to leukemia 10 years ago, I know how life can change in a heartbeat. Don't be concerned - I have great faith and am not worried about what my future may hold, but I am feeling the effects of natural aging and knowing I still have the abilities and strength to pack up boxes for Good Will, garage sales etc., it's time to sort and give.  Honestly, do I really need 6 HUGE boxes of Christmas "stuff?"

And now that I shared this in print ~ I can read it again as my own reminder! 


Dee said...

I think everybody needs and deserves 6 huge boxes of Christmas stuff. lol We have about that many. lol It's a shame we don't use the stuff anymore. But we don't toss it out because we know some Christmas down the road, we'll probably starting decorating again. lol

I like your attitude. I think it's best to make resolutions the will help your overall health than t just focus in on one aspect of it. Way to go.

Great post and Great Thoughts, My friend.

I'm surfing by to say Howdy and I hope you all had a pleasant New Year's Day.
I wish all the best to you and yours all the year through.

Dar said...

I was doing the same thing Cher, Thinking about this past year and all the changes...I just haven't gotten them into my blog memory yet...

You have the right idea about resolutions...attaining them are so much easier if we are realistic...
Mine?...I have to have greater control....portion control, that is.

I took the decorations and tree down today and WoW, did I do some major tossing....and still have many tubs of all sizes, but will keep them all...ya gotta love it.

Blessings Be Yours Sis