Dec 28, 2009

Honey, I'm Home!

Regardless of the horrible weather and a nasty "bug"setting up homestead in our bodies, we returned home safely after sharing a wonderful Christmas with the kids and our Grandloves. Our hopes of  "going home" to visit more of the family a couple of hours away, was bought to an abrupt halt due to illness.  My husband has a horrible cold and now I'm finding myself feeling it slowly making its attack on me.  He went through high fevers accompanied by chills and body aches. Then the "thick throat" and congestion set in. As for myself; I'm hoping I can sneak by this round of "sickness" with nothing more than a stuffy nose.  I guess time will tell.


~mel said...

I hope the both of you are feeling better soon ~ New Year's eve party this year is at Donner's Bay Resort ... be there or be square. lol We missed you over Christmas; but can certainly understand your wanting to get home. I only lasted 3 hours over at the farm and came home early because I didn't feel too hot that night either. It's a bummer getting sick; especially when there are a bunch of people around that you'd like to be visiting with.

Dar said...

So sorry you're under the weather Cher., but glad Thom is feeling better.
Do as Shannon does with her Wee Ones, rub some Vicks on your feet.
Bill is going to try it tonight..we forgot last night, but it is really supposed to work. If it works for Shan, and Sara tried it and she says it worked, we will try anything at least once.
See you when you get here.
Stay healthy and
Blessings Be Yours

Dee said...

Oh Dear! I hope you two get to feeling better soon. I hate it when illness strikes and messes up our plans... I hate it when illness strikes period. ;)

My positive healing thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband!

lil sis said...

Sorry ya'll are sick but am glad you got some
visiting in. I know how much you were looking
forward to seeing the Grandbabes and your
Get better soon - the vicks fix sounds interesting...
will try it here sometime too.

Love ya lots, me