Dec 2, 2009

Shifting into the Christmas Mood

I was in a horrid mood through most of the day,as you can see by my last posting - but I'm back to my jolly ole' self again. I decided it's time to do more than just "think" about Christmas and to take some action. So I'm beginning here in my blog, by changing my background to a country Christmas tree. 

I have oodles and oodles of Christmas boxes to go through. Now when I say boxes I'm not talking shoe boxes, I'm talking HUGE boxes.  When I got remarriend and we joined our treasures, I was amazed at how much "stuff" we have.  I change things from year to year so I'm not really ready to part with of much of it just yet but I do plan to have a "garage sale" box setting on the sidelines as I peek through everytihing this year. I really don't need as much as I have.

A couple of years ago I did the tree in all white lights with crystal icicles -okay so they are fake but they're still beautiful - and white, gold and tan ornaments. I used white lacey Christmas ribbons wrapped throughout the tree as garland. It was just gorgeous. Last year I trimmed the tree in all colored lights and loaded the branches with homemade ornaments and keepsakes from years gone by.  Once agian it was a beauty but totally different from the prior year.  I haven't really decided on this years theme yet but it will come to me as I go through those boxes and find things I've forgotton about since last year. It's just like Christmas!!

We used to live in North Pole, Alaska so we also have a nice selection of the "Dept. 56 North Pole Collection." How fitting is that?  It's a beautiful village with very detailed pieces.  I love it but it's a lot of work to set up and take down every year. This fall my sweet Aunt gifted me with an old store showcase that will be perfect as a display case for part of our collection. I plan to refinish the showcase next spring and set up the village permanently. I know I will enjoy it every time I pass by whether it be the holidays or not.


Naturegirl said...

Shifting into Christmas mood can be overwhelming when we think of all those boxes closed up that we now must open and decide on what theme..color. This year I'm keeping things tree..just lots of vessels filled with glittery balls and pine boughs and pine cones throughout the house for the smell.
Your caring words left at my blog was salve for my soul. Thank you for caring.hugs aNNa xo

Dar said...

I just knew your 'bad day' would shift to a 'Christ-mas Cheer' day.
I have tons of stuff to go through too and actually have started to share quite a bit with my dear daughter. She appreciates it so much. Can you believe, she even took all my very old dried roses and amarylis for her tree. I love that she loves some of what has become important to me.
Anyway, Have fun picking a theme this year....I have not used my hand painted ornaments for awhile...perhaps it's time.
And aNNa...hope you too have a healthy comforting Christmas
Blessing Be All Of Yours

Dar said...

What just happened here....just posted a comment that completely disappeared.

What I said was,
I Just knew your 'Bad Day' would turn into a 'Christmas Day'...
Have a great time reliving each moment as you go through your many memory boxes...
Anxious to see what theme you come up with this year
Blessings Be Yours

Cherdecor said...

Hi Cher, Thanks for coming by for a visit. I am decorating for Christmas also, but like Anna, I am not putting up a tree. I am going for the department store look, if you know what I mean. Hahahaha! I am putting greens around mirrors and wreaths on mirrors. I have vignettes of pine, pheasant feathers and carolers here and there. They are forcasting snow for the weekend. Let the snow begin! I am ready!
Thanks again for visiting my blog.

~mel said...

Happy mood day Cher! I haven't even started yet with any decorating; except the 2 wreaths that I have hanging on the side of the garage and the balsam boughs and barberry berry sprigs in the two big planters alongside the deck. I might just hold off until Slim goes on his trip and do it when he's gone. No male input on decorating works well for me. lol