Dec 5, 2009

Christmas Tree is Up!

The Christmas tree is up, and not only is it up... it's even decorated! All of this in one afternoon is pretty good for this ole' gal.
Several years ago on one of my many treasure hunts at an auction, I won the bid on some beautiful antique tear-drop ornaments . I should have counted as I hung them but "if my recollector is recollecting correctly" (as my Dad used to say) there were 35 to 40 and the entire box sold for the grand total of $3.00. Each one is multi colored in shades of gold, pink, red, green and blues. They are now adorning this years tree. With colored lights as a backdrop and crystal beads as garland the tree turned out just beautiful. But not just night-time beautiful ~ it even looks great in the daylight.
We are invited to join some friends at the "Parade of Lights" tonight. Time to pull out the long johns and bundle up. That shouldn't be a problem - after all when we lived in Alaska we would go to the Yukon Quest dog races when it was 30 below zero or colder. Here's a pic of me that day and "Baby, it was cold outside!"

I know what you're thinking ... who wants to see a picture of her? Where's the tree?  Well, maybe later. 


Dee said...

Oh I love the memories, the good cheer and your happy cold picture. ;)

Wishing you a warm and jolly weekend!

~mel said...

Can't wait to see the tree!!! Show us already!!! I love that pic of you at Yukon Quest!!! ahhh shucks... I just LOVE YOU!!!!

Dar said...

Me too, Me too...I just LOVE YOU TOO!!!!:)
I agree, let's see those beautiful ornaments too..of course, you would make a pretty cute ornament yourself Cheer-lo
Blessings Be Yours

Naturegirl said...

To my ~new found friend~ I love seeing your smile!hugs Anna xo