Jan 16, 2010

Moose on the Loose

When we lived WAY up north, in North Pole, Alaska we had frequent visitors pass through our yard. They are called moose! While sitting in the office it would be nothing to see them walking right past the house and occainally peeking in at us. Now let me tell you... the first time this happened it scared the bageebees out of me. With only a pane of glass between me and that huge animal, it took my breath away. I immediatlly envisioned that monster landing on top of me if it fell through that window. I learned to not make direct eye contact and to always watch that their ears don't lie back flat, a sure sign they they are uneasy about something. We had to watch very closely every time we walked out the door, as not to startle them. But with all said and done it was such a great experience seeing them that up-close and personal. Just one part of why I miss Alaska so much and am ever so thankful for the experience of living there.

I hope you enjoyed a bit of my past.


~mel said...

I think a moose looking in your window is a very cool thing! I'm so happy that you were able to experience such a thing in your lifetime. I know you miss Alaska and many of the beautiful memories there; but remember why you came back to the lower 48 ~ I know all your Grandloves are happy that G'ma and G'pa are close enough to go and visit now:) ~ and so am I! Just think... if you didn't live where you are now that neighbor of yours wouldn't have anything interesting to watch. lol

Dar said...

Cool pics Cher and cool memories...I once had bear that close to the cabin window, a Mama and her 2 cubs wiped their noses right in front of me...I have video of them but no snapshots. Love the pic of him with his tongue hanging out...always wanted to visit Alaska, so if you ever go back for a visit?, can I tag along?
Love having you guys closer to home.
Blessings Be Yours

cottagesweet said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I have always wondered what it would be like to live in Alaska. I would think it must be a wonderful experience. Your moose adventures looked very delightful, something that would thrill me. Love nature! the photos are great!!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Cher: What a neat capture, certainly an Alaskan visitor. We get some deer in our city yard.

Naturegirl said...

((((Holy moly!!!!))))
My hubby and I would LOVE this expereince! When we drive up north we seldom see moose along the side of the highway..when it does happen we can't STOP the car fast enough for a closer look! They are marvelous creatures..saddens me that hunters chase them down for sport!! argh!!!