Dec 6, 2010

I remember waking up in what seemed like another world on Christmas morning because Santa came. Not only did he drop off toys but he also delivered a beautiful tree. What a breath-taking wonderful surprise! It was dressed in colorful balls, candle ornamets that bubbled, and sparkling lights - all draped in shimmering silver icicles. Each one perfectly hanging across the branch, as if the elves had an inch-worm in their pocket to determine the spacing of each icicle. And the floor was covered with presents, presents, presents! We each recieved one or two gifts, but it was always exactly what we wanted. Santa is so good at this sort of thing. I suppose I was in awe because there were so many gifts, but now I realize it was because there were nine of us kids in the house. However, beieve me, we were all very content with what we recieved. Our socks were hung on the fireplace and magically filled with various fruits while we slept. Bowls of nuts were set out on the table and we could only see a few crumbs left behind where we had left cookies for Santa. 

But now it seems that every year the trees go up earlier and earlier. As much as children like to help decorate, and yes I know that Santa is a very busy man, I personally think it takes away that moment of 'awe and surprise' for them on Christmas morning.  Stores are running the holidays all together. I remember when they would at least let Thanksgiving pass before seeing the Chirstmas items on the shelves. But like life itself, traditions change and we continue to adapt. But I still sometimes prefer tradition.


jack69 said...

Beautiful picture of the Grand loves and an even more beautiful picture of YOUR Christmas morning. YOu describe it beautifully.
Thanks and let us say Merry Christmas.

Love from the COLD SOUTH down to 20 last night.

Don't laugh, YES THAT IS COLD.

jack69 said...

OKAAAAAY I got two alerts, I was looking for two stories. This one was good but the other was probably in GErman so I could not have read it anyway!!!

So O' Tannenbaum to you too. hahahahahhaha

Love ya!

Dar said...

Well done Cher. How I remember waking to a fully decorated Christmas tree in the morning, ...Every Christmas we were fortunate to have our parents tell us the true Christmas meaning, the best gift of all. Thanks for bringing back a wonderful memory, but I have to say, how on earth did Mom ever do it...I cannot imagine waiting until after church on Christmas Eve, after tucking 9 anxious kids into bed, and THEN putting up a tree and decorating, wrapping gifts and making that PERFECT Christmas morning for us. She was amazing and still is.

~mel said...

I look back too and wonder in amazement how Mom and Dad pulled off some of the things they did for us kids. Face it ... our parent's were pretty sneaky! I agree though ~ something is being lost in family traditions ... and our adaptation of what's acceptable now days. It's kinda sad. I'm with you on this one ~ sometimes I still prefer tradition.

Dee said...

Such nice memories...thank you for sharing them.:)

Pat said...

I have to say the whole northern or German doing it all on Christmas Eve was almost a deal breaker for me. (you saw my Christmas Elves on the blog) I like my Christmas Eves curled up, listening to music and sipping Wassail while Pat reads the Christmas story! However - I can sure appreciate the magic and awe of children waking up Christmas morning to such a wonderful setting. My Dad read us the Biblical Christmas story every Christmas Eve and Pat has continued that with all our kids. Christ's love really is the true mystery of Christmas. Thanks for sharing!