Dec 21, 2010


~mel said...

Merry Christmas to you too! Your deer made a cute little card. Have fun with the kids and your grandloves! Hopefully, you'll be able to stop in at the farm before heading back to Michigan?? At least, that's what Mom said. Safe travels!! LOVE YOU!!

Dar said...

And You have a Wonderful Christmas with your family this weekend. Your greeting is as gorgeous as the fresh fallen snow we woke to this morning.

jack69 said...

Merry Christmas to the 'mild' one and her hubby!

such a beautiful setting. Hope the is the best Christmas season ever.

Fred Alton said...

WOW! Cher!!! I love what you did with this picture of the deer! You girls are ALL so talented. Your Mom must be beaming with pride over her children's abilities.

Kathy said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Cher! - Kathy

WhatKarenSees said...

A lovely and creative Christmas card. Merry Christmas to you as well!

Dee said...

Very enchanting. Deers are so angelic.

I wish you and your family the Merriest Christmas and Happiest New Year Ever!
I thank the good Lord each day for you. Thank you for the smiles and friendship over the years.
Huge Holidays hugs to you.
Much Love,
Dee (countrysass)
p.s. I miss you. :(

lil sis said...

Cher - you picked the right photo to
embellish... looks great.
You just wouldn't have gotten the same
effect if you would have used your
moose photo... lol.
Merry Christmas to you and yours...
got a photo of Sloan...she's a beauty.