Dec 12, 2010

Game Time!

Did you play games at family gatherings?  We did, do and probably always will.  Now it's mostly cards but when my sisters and I were teenagers ... into our young adulthood ... then our mid adulthood ... we spent hours playing SCRABBLE.  We would even take a board along to the beach, and we each kept one in our campers. Have board will travel. What memories ~ What fun!!
 Now that I'm thinking about it we enjoyed several games!

How about you?

And Dear Sisters, GAME ON next time we get together!

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jack69 said...

fond memories of Board games with my sister. However I was a cheat at Monopoly, sometimes took 300 for passing GO instead of 200. But at 7 I couldn't count well. hahahahaha

I am better now, seldom cheat onthe computer games. hahahahahahahahahaha It won't let me,.

System will not let me comment on some and no pictures at all bad cell signal

~mel said...

Game on is right ~ bring it if you got it ... and no whining when I whoop your butt!

Cathy Clementz said...

I LOVE Scrabble. My mother and I use to play it all the time. Today I don't have anyone who likes to play it (mom lives south of us about 380 miles) so I bought the computer game and play the computer!

Dar said...

You got it Sisters! Bring it on! Cannot wait for all the rematches. All we need is a bucket or two of slush and Brandy Balls! No cheating!

Fred Alton said...

Cher, for some reason, I've just now figured out that you are a sister to Mel and to Dar, whose blogs I've come to look forward to reading in the last few weeks. You sound like youre is a really fun and competitive family!

On the games - we played Monopoly, only after Daddy got rid of the dice. (He made us a spinner, which accomplished the same purpose) but the dice were called "devil's buttons" in our house! ☺ I used to love to play Scrabble but it's been years since I played. My wife didn't like being beaten and would accuse me of making up words. Ha.

Zoey said...

Your post was a trip down memory lane for me. I loved all the same games (except for dominoes). Scrabble was always a favorite because I was a good speller back in the day....LOL. We played Yatzee many a cold winter night. Monopoly was reserved for weekend afternoons because it took so long to finish a game.

Oh, the fun we had!

Merry Christmas!