Dec 3, 2010

Creative Mind

My husband jokes that 
I collect craft supplies!
Sad thing is
 (as she whispers) 
he's right! 
I can't pass a good deal.
I'm guilty of collecting
while hardly ever creating!
my creative mind!
I need a kickstart -
just a gentle one please.


Dar said...

Consider yourself go make something, maybe a new ornament for your tree?

jack69 said...

Well we have never met, but I have met some of the family, and I don't think there is a one of you guys, who is not creative. So take your sister's boot and get on with it!!!!

(I did hear you were the wild sister, or was that Mel?) LOL

Love from down in North Carolina where it might freeze tonight! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Kathy said...

Go here:

Seriously good fun. AND inspiration. AND if you're like me you probably have most of the stuff or something similar already! Have fun!!!