Dec 22, 2010

Christmas Goodies

Go ahead ~ help yourself!
 Calories were magically removed!
My virtual gift to you!
Merry Christmas!


jack69 said...

If it wasn't Christmas I would say something nasty, but since it is Christmas, and you can't help it, it is in the blood, you MUST show good, beautiful, deliciious food. You Girls are all alike!!!!!!!!

Love from way down in NORTH Carolina, heading for Florida soon!!!!!

Fred Alton said...

Thanks! Those cookies will taste mighty good tomorrow during the hunt. Hmmm. Can one taste virtual cookies? They sure look good. ☻

Dar said...

I'll have one of those Cherry Winks, Please.

The Retired One said...

Well, if you INSIST!..hahahaa
Yummm..they look delicious!

Dee said...

Merry Christmas..thank you for the is the thought that counts. I pray your New year will be filled with blessings. ♥ Dee