Sep 7, 2010

Sometimes pictures say it all:
We had such a fun weekend
Grandkid time is precious!
All photos are personal property of
Cher Shots
and not to be copied.


Keep Calm and Decorate said...

Cute grandkids! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

The White Farmhouse said...

Oh, they are just so cute! Love the first pic! What a bunch of cuties!

The Retired One said...

Love that toothless grin!

jack69 said...

WOW looks like somebody had a great time. Love the shots by Cher. Don't youjust love those big eyes, enjoying life and making memories.
Nothing like it. We have drive a few thousand miles to enjoy a few days with a grand. yes they are all wonderful
Love from Utah, tomorrow Idaho.

~mel said...

I knew you'd be having a good time ~ no matter the weather! So were the kids surprised to see G'ma & G'pa show up at the resort?? I see you were able to get the pontoon boat out for a whirl. Love that pic of Sydney ~ was she doing the fishy face? And Mini & Taylor & Summer... all of them ... 2 cute!!! So how did you do at the casino? I hope you made enough to be able to buy my Christmas present??? Hint hint!!lol It's right around the corner!!