Sep 13, 2010

The Teddy Bear Room

  It still amazes me that when my husband I moved down from Alaska and bought a home in the lower 48, we combined furniture from our two former lives and it all went together so well.  It was as if we had shopped together for years.
  You see, we had both lost our spouses to cancer and having been high school classmates we ended up sharing our stories and the grieving process and after a spell we fell in love.  Well one thing lead to another, phone calls - my visiting him in Alaska - collecting some of my personal things - getting married and living 'way up north' and then moving south to be closer to family and friends.
  When we bought our home it amazed us at how everything fit so perfectly. It was as if our furniture were made for this house.  This brings me to the Teddy Bear Room - also known as the guest room.  The teddy bear wallpaper border was there when we moved in and without even realizing it, throughout the years I had accumulated several teddy bear items.  So although I thought we might change the room, we've come to love it and the teddy bears have settled into their permanent home.  
  Sometimes things work out without even planning it.  I just call it 'another one of God's little gifts.'

I just love how the light plays throughout the day.

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Dee said...

Sweet! I love your bear room. :) It really is neat how things came together and worked out so well. I agree God does make the perfect plans and they always come out awe inspiring.

Wishing you an awesome week!

jack69 said...

What a lovely entry. We all like a good love story, especially one that comes out of tragedy to make folks happy. I love a happy ending. Thanks for the entry, it completes a good evening!

Love from Beaver Utah,
Heading for Vegas!

Cathy Clementz said...

I'd like to book a week at the Teddy Bear room, please.

It is wonderful!!! And what a great love story!!

DoanLegacy said...

Looks so home-my!

Dar said...

Staying in your Teddy Bear Room is like receiving a big Bear is wonderful, the light enhanced our stay. We need to take another road has been a year since Bill's recovery...thanks for opening the Teddy Bear Room for us. You two are loved.

moni said...

Love your "teddy bear" room. The two windows are letting in a lot of light and that makes your cozy room even prettier.