Sep 21, 2010

First Day of Fall - Sept 22, 2010

~ Fall begins September 22, 2010 ~
Our Maple tree will be brilliant
in another couple of weeks.
I'll post picture then!


~mel said...

"another couple of weeks" ~ I don't think so. I bet by next week, possibly even this coming weekend that big ol' maple is going to be in full color. I couldn't believe how much the trees had turned here this week already. Keep us 'photo updated'.

jack69 said...

Looking forward to the full color. We probably won't see much color this year, as we will be South and West.
Love ya!

Cathy Clementz said...

It seems like colors are slow to come on over this way (Newberry). The cherry trees have turned at the tops and have lost their leaves. Not much color yet. I'd say we are half way to peak.

moni said...

What a magnificent maple tree! We don't get very much Fall color around here, just a little. My plum tree turns a brilliant red!