Sep 8, 2010

Brr... Soup's On!

Cool weather and soup go together, at least in this house they do.  Today was another damp cool day that had set these old bones of mine into a constant ache.  Lucky for me that yesterday my sister Mel had shared a recipe for Mama's Italian Wedding Soup (marriage is optional) and I had all the ingredients needed.  It was so good that we had leftovers tonight with a fresh pan of cornbread. 
You can find the recipe at
While the cornbread was baking, I cubed up some bread and seasoned it with herbs and garlic, then drizzled melted butter over it, stuck it in the oven on low to make homemade croutons.  Another family favorite for topping soups, salads or using as base for dressing or stuffing. 
So not only does it smell good in here; with all that baking it also warmed up the room and  took some of the dampness out of the house.   Cook on my friends, cook on!


jack69 said...

Are every one of you girls obsessed with food????

Well, I have to hand it to you, being the youngest, you did not have chocolate on the menu! LOL

The soup & corn bread looks delicious, (I seldom eat those other things. does anyone?) ha!

Good entry. Hope the 'old' (hahahaha) bones get to feeling better!!!!

Love from I da ho!

jack69 said...

okay, okay! I do eat the other things! I live in a place were corrections must be made. hahahahaha

Love ya!

~mel said...

Once again... I did not lead you astray ~ that Italian Wedding Soup is awesome! I was happy to hear that you took me up on the suggestion of using beet greens ~ it really does add to the flavor.

Jack is getting pretty cocky in his OLD age ... lol ... calling you the young one! ha!!

Cathy Clementz said...

Well, I made homemade soup yesterday but mine doesn't look as good as yours!!! I didn't get my pie in the oven yesterday but it is in the oven this morning!

arlee bird said...

That soup and cornbread looks soooo good. Yes the soup time of year is coming quickly.

Tossing It Out

Carolina Mountains said...

Looks good to me - my hubby does the cooking here!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Looks so yummy and comforting!
Wish these hot flashes would leave permantly so I could enjoy a hot cup of soup!

Dee said...

My hubby just made a turkey vegetable soup that was wonderful...I will have to give him your recipe. Do you think the leaves will have color up your way?

Dharma Shots said...

Yeah, I love soup on damp days...thanks for the how to's.

Dar said...

Now, how come I have never seen or eaten this one before,...the wedding soup, I mean? You guys must have started making that one when I was out east or north or west>>>>>>>
Your croutons look awesome as well as that cornbread, my dear.
Oh, can ya tell? I finally got my computer back and there wasn't a thing wrong with least the price was right and it didn't cost me a thing. Apparently, with the window A/C on the same circuit, it kept acting up...and throwing false/positive messages. With the cold there will be no more problems as the A/C will be off, and the wiring changed. Thought ya'd wanna know.