Sep 15, 2010

Harvest Time

When I checked the weather forecast yesterday morning it said "FREEZE WARNING" and around here we take that word FREEZE very seriously.  I'm glad I checked because it gave us a chance to get some more tomatoes out of the garden. We also picked more zucchini squash and pulled the onions. 
Somehow I knew as we were picking them that Thom would want a meal of "fried green tomatoes" for supper. Sure enough I was right. I must admit they are also one of my favorite seasonal foods - you just can't find green tomatoes in the middle of winter when you live 'Up North.'

Plans for the zucchinis include making different types of zucchini breads, lasagna, chocolate zucchini cake and stir fry to name a few.
And I'm so glad we were able to cut another bouquet of gladiolas before the freeze hit and we were were able to cover the hibiscus and the remaining tomato plants to rescue them.  Fall is definately in the air. 


jack69 said...

Funny to us, we learned there were other vegetables than corn tomatoes, cabbage and collards after we grew up. I was probably 23 before I heard the word zucchinis.

You make it all look and sound so good. Yep, we know fired green tomatoes, and love 'em.

Pretty entry, I could eat those cherry tomatoes.

Love from Vegas.
FREEZE WARNING, it is in the upper 90's here!

jack69 said...

that is FRIED green tomatoes vrs fired! my bad

moni said...

Still in the 90s here too, but Fall is just around the corner. Your veggies look yummy Cher, and we love fried green tomatoes too. Seems odd to have a "freeze warning" in the lower states, but I guess that is how it goes up north!

~mel said...

It is that time of the year ~ when you watch the forecast for freeze warnings and pull out the old blankets and paper sacks and cover up what you don't want to get frozen. We just try and try to keep our growing season going as long as we can. I think we do pretty good though considering how short our growing season really is compared to the majority of the country. It always amazes me when I read of people planting their gardens in April and May and we're just hoping the snow will be melted by then and we can get it in by June and hopefully make it through September.

Dar said...

Fried Green Tomatoes...omg...gotta make some of those again before my 'matos' all ripen.
We head to Darcies after Bill's eye injection , then, way south early in the a.m....will catchya sometime soon...
loveya, missya, hugya, kissya
your big, big sis

Anonymous said...

Freeze! We had snow on the last day of summer last year here but I don't think it will happen this year as it has been a tad warm!

What's in them there jar? Well how about choke cherry and elderberry jams, beets, plums and then a combo jelly. Also put up peaches in the freezer- It is a busy time this time of year for those of us who love to garden and can- I love it - I haven't canned in several years, or gardened for that matter because of moving so it is wonderful to get in the groove again!!

bee blessed

Dee said...

Freezing Temperatures!!! ~screams and faints dead away~ Wow, it sure seems early for that. My warm thoughts are with you my friend.

Your produce is beautiful!!!

Wishing you a warm week!