Sep 10, 2010

Seasonal Transitions

I absolutlely love living in an area where the 'four seasons' are so vividly displayed.  We are now entering another season of transition.  Summer has pulled down it's shade and what seems like an instant fall is upon us. The trees are beginning to change color and the air has a bite to it; especially in the early morning.
We spent the day pulling the last of the corn stalks, beans and peas out of the ground. We also got another picking of Swiss Chard blanched and frozen.  Ten quarts this time around  ~ it sure brings back summer in the middle of winter. 
And tommorow ~ CARROTS are on the agenda.


Dar said...

I did the same thing today....cleaned out more garden. The tomatoes are all picked, plants are pulled and the tomato cages are piled but not put away. Another batch of broccoli has been put up and couple of rutabagas were added to the roasted root veggies for supper.
Your chard looks great...I didn't plant any this year, and missed it.

jack69 said...

Good entry Cher. YOu are so poetic in your descriptions. I have no idea what chard is, I will have to look it up. Today we were riding by hundreds of acres of Potatoes, then all of a sudden the grean leaves changed shape. I made a guess it was turnips. No, I checked later, sugar beets. Oh well us city boys can't keep up with you guys.

Love from Idaho!
Sherry & jack

~mel said...

Sooooooooo....... when you get caught up with everything..... come on over ~ I have a house that still needs it's spring cleaning done!

Dee said...

You can post your good eatings this winter and we can all drool as we open our store bought food. :)