Sep 29, 2010

Aunt G is 80 years young 
and oh what a gem.
She jumped on that machine
and took off like a rocket!
I could barely keep up with her
let alone take the lead every once in a while.
We sat around the campfire on
her son's property and had
pizza and meatball sandwiches
delivered right to the pond.
"Just turn right and keep on driving
between the corn fields, you'll find us."
Here she is relaxing just to catch her second wind.
She stayed awake to help us clean mushrooms
until 1:00 a.m. although we told her
it wasn't necessary - she still insisted.
She's just that kind of gal.
and who wouldn't love a gal like that?!


jack69 said...

WOW what a tough lady you have there for an Aunt.

Never ever done mushrooms. Sure as shooting I would eat a toad stool.

The camp fire is nice, we hope to take time to have a couple before actually getting back to NC.

Love is sent from Tupelo, Mississippi, Birth place of Elvis!

Dee said...

Wait to go Aunt G!!! Keep them young'uns on their toes. lol Happy Birthday to Aunt G!!!

Wishing you a happy rest of the week!

~mel said...

Thom's Aunt G. is A O K ~ cute picture of the 2 of U on the ATVs.

Nice pile of mushrooms you have there. Those look like the honey mushrooms that Slim and JD picked last year. Yum.

Remember my policy on eating wild mushrooms. Have Dear Hubby eat one today and then you'll have one tomorrow ... and keep the insurance policies up to date.

Kay said...

How cute. It's things like that that keep us young.


Lui said...

I love Aunt G already! ;-) What a cool gal indeed!

My Aunt Menchiang is also like that. She traveled and endured almost 20 hours flight from San Francisco to Manila just to attend her younger brother's 50th wedding anniversary! She'll be turning 92 this December!