Nov 29, 2011


 I've been at it again 
 making up some 
whimsical pictures 
for my grand-loves 
for Christmas. 
'Hush' is the word.


Sharon said...

Great fun, Grandma!

~mel said...

Cher - these are cool. I love that one with Mini and the gnomes where you see the tree tops AND Sean is going to go nuts seeing himself with the dinosaurs!!! All of them are so much fun. Now please... tell me what program you use for cropping out the background of the pictures; because I haven't found one for that yet ~ I've just been blending the backgrounds off after cropping in microsoft picture. I know already I'll have to be giving you a phone call to get this figured out. Love ya!!!

Dar said...

OMG, these are fantastic...loving Minnie too with the tallest of trees and the cutest of gnomes...what Mel said about Sean and of course the rest of the sweet girlies are as precious as ever.
What a special gift these will be.

Remington said...

These pics are SO cool! Well done, my friend!

DD said...

Hello Cher,

I love what you did with your pictures! Those are great. I am not familiar with the program, but I do like the results.

It was very nice for you to visit my little blog. Thank you.