Nov 15, 2011

Happy Dance!

I did it, I did it ~ and all by myself too!  Those who have been following me know my frustration with computer problems for the past several months.  Well - never let it be said that I'm not persistent!  I didn't give up and it finally paid off.  Well not really but enough to take care of my griping about it.  
You see all this time I was having issues with trying to go in and visit your blogs.  I would have to highlight the title of each one in blogger and then copy and paste them into a new search box.  Very frustrating to say the least because I love checking in on so many of you.  Anyways, every time I tried to update my Internet Explorer; for some reason it wouldn't finish.  No matter what I did, even after removing older versions.  SOOOO tonight I downloaded the Google Chrome and everything works like a charm.  
Don't ask ~ just know that I'm doing the happy dance!   Believe me it's been bugging me for months and months so this is a big deal. Thanks for hanging in there with me.


Lynilu said...

Good for you! I hate IE. Absolutely hate it! I use Firefox and have been very happy with it and others I know using Chrome like it as well.

Whatever .... Huzzah for you!!

TexWisGirl said...

good for you! big pat on the back for you for figuring out a solution!

Fred Alton said...

That stubborn streak we have has some advantages! ☺ I'm proud of you, my friend, and proud for you. I try anything and everything before taking mine to a technician. I know the answer to the problem I face is there... somewhere...and it's usually simple when finally found. Attagirl!

Remington said...

AWESOME! Congrats!

~mel said...

I'm not a fan of IE either ~ I use Mozilla Firefox and have no problem:) I also have Google Chrome but never use it. One thing I have found... it never hurts to have an extra browser on your pc, so when problems do come up you can test them out in the different browsers - a process of elimination of sorts.

Dar said...

I've had Google Chrome for quite some time now, and have not had any problems. Good for you for figuring it out. I'm not that persistent and would have called Mel or what's his name by now.

jack69 said...

I'm not smart enough to use Goodgle chrome. I have it down loaded and it just sits there. Maybe now I will give it a shot.

Good on you for hanging in there and not smacking the monitor (too hard) LOL
From down near Tequesta, Florida