Nov 19, 2011

We may not be Shrek & Fiona but there are times when we feel like we live in a land far far away! Now is one of those times.  When we moved down from Alaska it was to be closer to family and friends.  Sometimes I think 2 hours away is still a land too far far away.
My sister hasn't been feeling well and I wish I were close enough to make her a kettle of homemade chicken soup.  When my Dad was in and out of the hospital I also felt too far removed.  When the Grand kids are sick, or my own children are under the weather, I wish I were a bit closer.
But on the flip side, because we are very content in keeping to ourselves for the most part, and we have very good hygiene habits; I think we stay healthier throughout the winter.  We always carry hand sanitizers in our car and use it immediately after leaving a store, clinic, restaurant etc. We wash our milk jugs and the tops of cans before opening.  Little steps that some may think extreme but we feel its a bonus in keeping ourselves healthy.  I understand that we can still get sick just by breathing in shared air and that some germs are inevitable however; we boost our bodies with supplements to help in that department as well. It never hurts to try and help yourself, so that's what we try to do.
As the snow is falling outside my window, I wish you all a warm and healthy winter from a land far far away.


Paula said...

I agree with you completely but John thinks I'm a nut case. I like to do everything I can to prevent the bugs and even then sometime I forget.

jack69 said...

I tend to lean to John, in Paula's comment.
But that said I DO NOT advise on pills, actions etc that relate to an individual's health. Too much at stake.
I admire folks with a strict economy on their health. We would all be better off if we paid more attention. Good entry my friend, may you and Thom have a long LOVING life.
From Florida, 76 outside. (still windy) Sherry & Jack

Sharon said...

I pretty much don't go anywhere, seldom get company but DH is generous and brings the colds & flu home for me.

Fred Alton said...

You're probably right ... but if I had lived my life that way I would have missed out on a lot of fun and adventure visiting lands far, far away where sanitation was largely missing from our lives. Don't get me wrong, I tried to use some sense and not eat what was obviously contaminated.

Kathy said...

Oh, I'm right there with you. We are 500 miles away from out family. Most times it's ok. Holidays though? I do miss all of that.


Kerin said...

We love living in the country.
And, living away from ten billion other people certainly has to be better for our health :)

Dar said...

I hear ya wishin' so When did you say you were coming home to make soup for us sick ones????