Nov 25, 2011

Christmas is Coming

All of a sudden
Christmas is coming! 
I guess I should do a 
little shopping,
creating and baking! 

This is one of the tins of cookies 
I baked up last year. 


jack69 said...

Looks geat to me, I didn't know folks made that many different cookies. I thought there was choc chip and oatmeal, the rest you bought! hahahaha

Lovely there MS Cher Shooting!!!
I love the powder sugarcoated ones.

debio said...

Nice batches of cookies!

The wreath is gorgeous. I will be picking up my wreaths and roping today, will maybe decorate them tonight, or def. tomorrow.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Marilyn said...

If I'm going to get anything done before Christmas, I am going to have to get off the computer! I love visiting, though, and want to wish you a happy, blessed holiday season--just in case I actually leave the computer alone. Highly unlikely, I know. I did help my daughter make sugar cookies before going across the street for dinner on Thursday. Maybe I could hire her to make mine!♥♫