Nov 9, 2011

Update Snow Pictures

and there is no end in sight! 


Sharon said...

Oh, my! Not too good for the poor trees, is it? I hope you don't get too much and get house bound!

Fred Alton said...

Oh What a Beautiful sight! I love that picture of the HUGE conifer tree covered in snow. It's picture card perfect!

jack69 said...

Beutiful, I love to see the snow (in pictures), if I remember correctly young lady, COLD comes with this Right?

That means you and Thom should be in Florida...... OPH yeah, I know the retort is negative cause Thom likes to snuggle in the cold weather!!!!!

Dar said...

Girl, you are really getting a head start on winter...even when it looks beautiful and clean...I recall, you live in winter wonderland way over there in Michigan. Stay warm...I know, not a problem for you two lovies.
It just started to flurry here this morning and so far, only a dusting.
Eric got a very, very nice 11 pt. last night. He and Mom paraded it around, here, there, the
OK, you too BIL

~mel said...

Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!! I'm so not ready for a long cold winter. We didn't get any snow with that big storm system that went through the state; but this morning now we're getting a light dusting. I guess in Antigo and Rhinelander areas they had 11 inches of it. All I can say to that is better them than me. Keep the shovel handy and don't be afraid to tell Thom to use it! Love ya!! Tell that hubby of yours I love him too:)