Nov 8, 2011


As I was out trying to find myself
I discovered a few things about me
Things about my likes and dislikes

I like old and I like new
I like rustic and I like lace
I like food and health
I like glass and bubbles
I like gowns and I like jeans
I like nature and I like fake
but not as much as natural

photo from the net

I like the usual and I like unique
I like soft and I like hard
I like comfort and I like challenge
I like what I discovered about me
How about you?


Dar said...

Hey CherlyCheerioGirl,
I like that we are so much alike, lil' sister.
But, lately, I sure have been struggling with ' me.'
Hope you find a ray of sun during today's wicked snow storm....

Lynilu said...

This makes me think of a reuniting with an old friend from high school a couple years ago. As we renewed our acquaintance, he often commented when he learned a new trait about me. I finally said, "I'm a woman of many facets." I like being multi-faceted. I like that you are, too.

Kerin said...

It sounds to me that you are well rounded :)
A good way to be. No one wants to be boring.

Have a great week!

Sharon said...

That's so much better than being made by a cookie cutter!

Remington said...

Very cool....also like the picture....

Fred Alton said...

Cher! You KNOW you are so SPECIAL. God made you just like you are - and I like God's handi-work.

jack69 said...

Bull! I don't believe ALL that take ..... Okay I believe it all after recycling it. And I really don't mind COLD, but I also like WARM. And since my girl loves warm, I have switched to WARM or WARMER!!

Amen to Fred's comment.

Love the list, Enjoy the snow.
From Florida,
Sherry & Jack