Jul 19, 2011

Spanish Rice

With this heat hanging on
I hate using the oven
or steaming up the kitchen.
And seeing how I've made
sandwiches and salads
for the past week or two
we were getting hungry for a
'hot' meal.
So I made some homemade
Spanish Rice
a fast and easy stove-top meal!

I browned ground beef then added
chopped onions, celery, green
 and red peppers.
Add a can of tomato sauce,
diced tomatoes and mushrooms.
Add dry rice and water per servings desired.
Season as desired.

(I used paprika, chili pepper,
cayenne pepper, onion powder,
a dash of salt and pepper,
basil and oragano.)

Bring to a boil, stir, then cover
and set on simmer for 15 minutes
without peeking.


jack69 said...

As always, you can make a feller hungry when he has just eaten. The spanish rice looks and almost smells great.
It sounds tasty. Sherry says they all can cook (referring to you and your sisters!!)

Love from North Carolina Gotta go vacum the Georgia sand out of the van.

texwisgirl said...

oh yum!

Jill said...

My mom used to make this all of the time. Thanks for the yummy reminder!

Zoey said...

Looks good! I know what you mean about sandwiches/salads...you can only eat so many! I bet your family enjoyed your hot meal.

Dar said...

the 'without peeking' part is the hardest part of waiting for this meal. Looks as great as anything else I've had at your table...so what time are leftovers? I love it cold too!

Lynilu said...

Sounds good!

Cathy Clementz said...

DAMN! That sounds a LOT better than mine! When it cools off again, it'll be Spanish rice time!

~mel said...

I'm so hungry for something screaming hot and spicy; but my tummy is telling me NO YOU'RE NOT EATING THAT!! Grrrrrrrr....

moni said...

Your rice looks delicious, but I have never heard of adding ground beef to Spanish Rice.

Ola said...

It looks very nice, I think it is a good idea for hot summer:)

Denise said...

Now that looks delicious, thanks Cher. I don't want to turn the oven on either.