Jul 18, 2011

The little prarie garden

A few weeks ago my husband mowed the lawn. It's been so hot since that it is now drying to a crisp.  At the time I told him that I would mow inside the little
picket fence. But then I noticed the daisies were about  to open, and I do love daisies so I let it go. 
I told him that I was going for the the 'prarie garden' look. Do you think he believed me? lol
As I was typing this entry the skies
 opened up and we are having
a wonderful, much needed rain!
~ Thanks be to God. ~


Paula said...

The dasies look so pretty along with your lawn ornaments.

texwisgirl said...

i think it looks lovely!

Fred Alton said...

Lovely garden, Cher! Glad you got the needed rain.

Jill said...

Very sweet. Yippee on the rain!

jack69 said...

I like it. I like daisies, she loves me, she loves me not, she loves me she loves me not, She loves me. I knew how to cheat enough to always end up with She loves me!
Now, More love from North Carolina

Dar said...

very sweet~~ Love your bunny and cute cherub. I hope summer never ends, so long as the heat lessens and the daisies keep smiling in between the gentle garden rains.

Cathy Clementz said...

Very pretty and I totally understand! Dan gets upset with me when I mow around all the wildflowers that grow in the campground!

Remington said...

That looks SO nice!

shirl said...

Hello again, Cher!

Loving that daisy prairie... even though it is temporary. They're the best garden moments... the ones that happen without our planning ;-)

Enjoy your rainfall. As you know, we're getting a tad fed up with ours here :-)

Ola said...

what a lovely garden you have!