Jul 1, 2011

Busy Busy

I've been missing in action
~ ~ ~ ~
Our oldest three grand loves
have been spending the week.
~ enough said ~

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texwisgirl said...

they're adorable girls, but you must be exhausted!

KC Frantzen said...

OOOOH - how adorable are they???

Know this was WAY fun. Lots of love, laughter and lunch... uhmmm... I was trying for alliteration there - lunch -yes - food surely was in there! ;D

Safe travels back!

The White Farmhouse said...

I know they kept you busy and happy. It looks like they enjoyed themselves. Love all the smiles! I am sure it will seem too quiet once they are gone.

jack69 said...

You always seem to know how to entertain the kids. they look so happy to be with the GrandLOVER!

Looks like quite a show. We were fortunate to see one show while we lived in Tavares, FL.

I was also amazed at the boats that could pull all these guys.

I know you would have to B Tard! The kids are so cute!

Love ya!!!
Sherry ^ Jack

Dee said...

I only have one grandaughter and seeing your three makes me wish I had more so I could hear more giggling.

~mel said...

It's a good exhaustion that you'll be having when they leave. Catch up with ya later when things are back to "normal"...ha! Love ya!!

Dar said...

I know the girls always have so much fun with Gram and Gramps...just look at those smiles.
Good to have you back...exhaustion and all.

Jill said...

Looks like so much fun! The girls are adorable. Rest up!

The Retired One said...

Adorable!! (Enough said) LOL

Fred Alton said...

What a wonderful grandmother you are! You have created outstanding memories for those girls.

Kathy said...

Spreadeagle, Wisconsin?? hahahahaha! Love it!! - Looks like everyone was really enjoying themselves. What fun.