Jul 14, 2011

Its All in the Spelling

I posted these two pictures
 on facebook and
my dear husband comments:

 "Dear God, I'm married to a hoer!"

In which I replied:
"Thanks for spelling that right!"


texwisgirl said...

LOL!!! one of the best laughs of the day!!!!!!

The White Farmhouse said...

LOL! Be glad he didn't say that with a southern accent!

Fred Alton said...

I may get in trouble - but I just have to tell you what our pastor recently said about his two daughters-in-law. From the pulpit he was bragging on their prayer walk, and trying to encourage others to join in with them - when he said, "Now my two daughters-in-law are the two best street-walkers in town!"

Jill said...

I'm laughing so hard I can hardly type!

Darla said...

That is too funny!!

Dar said...

LMAO, ROFL, just LOL so danged funny but folks, ya just gotta know her Thom~~nuff said.LOL
Beautiful garden by the way, I only see one 'weed'

jack69 said...

See, some military fork can spell 'correctly'!
Good entry, also a pretty hoed garden, is that a good word?

Lov e ya!
Sherry & Jack

Sheila Y said...

LOL, too funny...ha. Sheila