Jul 28, 2011

Nature without learning
is a blind thing,
and learning
without nature
an imperfect thing.


jack69 said...

I like it, some of those OLD guys were pretty smart! (smile)

TexWisGirl said...

oh, those ferns!

Dar said...

The spring green of new fern and wild flowers surrounding the moss-laden boulder welcomes a moments rest to breathe the fresh air. How's that, Sis? Can't wait to hug your neck.

Remington said...

Very true! Awesome pic!

Mary Ellen said...

Hi Cher! Great quote today!

I use picnik to get that fuzzy look at the edges of my pictures. You upload a picture to their free program and then use the create button- off to the left side there is a matte tab which is the option for the fuzzy look. There are alot of other options that are fun to play with too!

bee blessed