Jul 9, 2011

Do Nothing Day

Today is a kind of
do nothing day
Okay, so maybe I baked a
Rhubarb Cake

I'm just plain feeling
and I don't even feel

and tonight
~Wine ~ 


jack69 said...

it is strange how the mind works. If you are a bizzy bizzy person, always doing, your mind wants you to feel bad for not 'DOING' something.

Love ya! Now get to work!! hahahaha

take care
sending love from NC this is Sherry & jack

texwisgirl said...

you need those do-nothing days!!!

Jill said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one that has those do nothing days. Your cake looks yummy!

Fred Alton said...

I love these "do nothing days" I'm having in retirement! If only I had known how good they are I would have retired earlier. ☻ Well, that is after I get through with the honey-do list!

The White Farmhouse said...

I love do nothing days. I just need mine to be more few and far between though! Your cake looks so yummy! I could sit around and eat that all day though. That counts as something right?!

Dar said...

Had 'do too much days' over the weekend and now NEED a DO NOTHING day. Your cakes, Rhubarb and Choc. look so great. Now, I'm craving anything sweet.
BlessYourHeart and Week