Jun 11, 2011


Do you like pickled beets?
Hey wait a minute ~
those aren't pickled beets!

But have you ever saved the juice
from the pickled beets
to make quick pickled eggs?
My man loves them
yours might too! 


Cathy Clementz said...

NO THANKS!!! Although it is a beautiful photo, I'll stick with things like cheesecake crepes!

texwisgirl said...

my dad used to do this. makes the whites pretty, but then you get to the yolk and it has that weird greenish olive outer color to it, it goes, blahh...

Dee said...

I love pickled beets but have never been brave enough to try the pickled eggs.

Jill said...

My mother in law used to make these. Not my thing but they are pretty!

Kathy said...

No. I do not like pickled beets or pickled eggs. And IF you start offering up pickled pigs feet I am going to stop reading your blog. And here I thought we were kindred spirits. Harumph... Say, have you ever heard of pickles soaked in Kool-Aid? I'm not making this up. Saw it on an Alton Brown special. Have a pickled day. And Yes, I meant to say that!! hahahahaha!!! Cheers, Kathy

~mel said...

Save the pink eggs for Easter ~ I like pickled eggs and I like pickled beets; but eggs in beet juice just don't do it for me.

jack69 said...

Believe it or not I have done it. I love pickled eggs, beets too, for that matter.

Canning and pickeling was part of my childhood, but has not been part of our lives. Cannot imagine packing up 40 quarts of beans when moving!

I know you have moved some, I never thought about it until now, did you move a lot of canned stuff? Maybe Salmon from Alaska?

Just wondering.

Have a great day, Hug the old soldier (or airman) today!!

Fred Alton said...

Love BOTH pickled beets and pickled eggs. Is that all I have to do to make pickled eggs? Just boil them and put them in pickled beet juice? If it's that easy I can do it. ☻

Dar said...

Yuppers, done that, been there, had some just yesterday but white ones. Had the beets too.

Lynn Stevens said...

I used to can beets but never tried to pickle them, My hubby would Love these! TFS
Hugs Lynn