Jun 19, 2011

Naming Animals

Do you name wild animals?
We call this little fella Otto.  You see we have a friend named Otto who's nickname is 'Chip.'  And seeing how he is a little 'chipmunk' we decided to name him Otto.


Dar said...

Did you see my blog today. We do think alike.
Have a great week.

jack69 said...

"Yep, I call most of them Charlie!"
It is a auto response, usually around the cam site you have some critter. Some just pass by, but the ones who stay do get recognized and sometimes get a name. We are not quiet as exhotic as you guys guys up North, but we get some. I love it when they come by. cute shot of Otto!

Carolina Mountains said...

I guess I don't name the wildlife but do love to watch them. I made my print bold - hope it helps to see it better.

~mel said...

So where's wilbur and ione?? ~ I thought for sure you'd have tagged some little critter with those names by now. lol

Kathy said...

We have a Chip. He pops into our garage to visit with my husband when he's out there. My husband tells me periodically when Chip is sitting outside. When Chip has run into the garage, etc. Yes, we name animals and hold them near and dear to us. We are nuts.