Jun 18, 2011


Loved & Missed 
by many


jack69 said...

He looks like the rugged pioneer of a man that loved and cherished life and his family. I will never forget the boat your mom so proudly let us see and described how he chose the trees and slected the lumber from them to build that 'last river boat'.
From meeting the family I know he loved and was loved.
The picture says a lot.
Love from the NC mts
Sherry & Jack

texwisgirl said...

he looks like a good hardy wisconsin man. his eyes look very kind. :)

Dar said...

I'm crying so hard as I miss our Dad. He was such a kind, generous with his teaching, advise, and love. Oh, Daddy! I miss you so as you wait for us in Heaven.

~mel said...

Yes, we were truly blessed to have such a good Dad. I'll never forget the words of advice that Pastor D. gave at his funeral to all the young men in the congregation ~ that if there was ever a role model that they should try to live by it was this man. That says a lot! He certainly was loved and is now missed by many. Thanks for sharing this picture of him Cher ~ love ya!!