Jun 4, 2011

I Love Rocks

  I love rocks. 
From my childhood on
I  had to touch them, admire them,
love them. And now I have
rock gardens,
with even more rocks
 in my rock gardens. 
Overkill ~ I think not! 

this is one of my favorites
it reminds me of a shell

 Last springs' rock gardens
 My Dad loved rocks too ~
He split the rock with the stripes for me.
They are my absolute favorites!


texwisgirl said...

i love rocks too. i pick up stones from around the place and put them up near the house around the cactus and other plants. :)

Marilyn said...

I love rocks, too! EVERY time we moved, my rocks came with me-thank goodness it was never very far and we had a loader and a pickup. My husband brought home three HUGE rocks one time-must weigh 500 pounds each. Only someone as crazy as me would have done that! ♥♫

Lynilu said...
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Lynilu said...

Rocks are fascinating. One of the best nature walks I had was with a geologist friend who had a story about every rock we found.

~mel said...

Me too, me too ~ Mom and Dad both have passed on that little rock lovin' gene to us. One of my favorite memories was the weekend Dad camped with us (Mom was on a road trip with Lorraine and Eunice that weekend and didn't go with us) at Black River Harbor on the Lake Superior shoreline and he agate hunting with me:) Also, I always admired Daddy's rock splitting ability ~ and the fireplace he built! Great post!! It bought up a lot of good memories:)

The White Farmhouse said...

If you are ever coming around here, have I got some rocks for you! All of our flower beds are rocks and there is a pile by the garage and there are a line of them into the lawn. I don't know what purpose that line serves except to mess with me when I mow the lawn. You can take them ALL! I like rocks, but these are not very pretty in the front of the house. Too hard to weed whip around. I like yours by the garden. Maybe I should do a border like that?

The Rosegarden in Malevik said...

Nice Blog :)

and do not miss




Håkan ( The Roseman)

Paula said...

Your rocks are pretty. I have a few I've collected over the years and my favorite one it very small and shaped like a heart. I have it on the coffee table.

Dar said...

Too funny, Cher. I just took a bunch of pictures of some of MY favorite rocks around the place. They circle the grove of trees in the front yard, the flower beds in the back, and small ones line my flower pots so the squirrels and chipmunks stop planting sunflowers in them. There's a large one with a cavity large enough to serve as a birdbath even. I loved Daddy's rock splittin' ability, like Mel says and that gorgeous fireplace that we all sit in front of each time we visit, says it all. We do have our parents for the 'rock fetish.'
BlessYourHeart for stirring some great memories.

Dar said...

oops, we do have our parents TO THANK for the rock fetish.

Kathy said...

Oh, you are a girl after my own heart. Rocks. I love rocks. I think that is where the bead fetish comes from. Basically, tiny, tiny, rocks...with a HOLE in them! :o)

Love the rock garden. Very cool.


Zoey said...

I, too, love rocks. You have some nice ones!