Jun 13, 2011

The Green Gate Garden

Another project has been checked off our to-do list! The garden is completely planted and now its the waiting game to see how it turns out!  Last summer's weather was perfect for our gardens - and I'm hoping the same for this year.  If not, we do have four rain barrells set up and ready for back-up.  What started out as one single raised bed has expanded into four raised beds in a 20 ' x 30' fenced in garden.  That lasted for a year then we added a quick extension with a few temporary posts and wiring for 'just a few more' plants.  So with some getting down and dirty and a bit of blood, sweat and tears (oh wait - there were no tears) we've now got ourselves a pretty nice little set up. Of course we still pick up some produce from local sellers in the fall like potatoes, pumpkins etc. After all - we are just small time gardeners!  Oh! ~ one more thing, this year I did what's known as companion planting. Certain plants benefit others with pest control, flavor, production etc.


Jill said...

Great job! Looks amazing. I can't wait to see what all is produced.

jack69 said...

What a neat garden, makes me sick! LOL Never knew anyone to plant so neat. Now I ain't no farmer, but dill? as in pickles? I don't think I eat Chard!?!

Kidding aside, you done good kid. Glad there were no tears, because it seems like a happy garden. My mama would be in heaven.

YOur mama would probably say 'show off!' LOL

Bet the neighbors are envious!

Love you,
From the mts of NC

~mel said...

It looks fantastic ~ so neat and orderly. Hopefully, I'll get a road trip in one of these days and be able to come see it in person. Fingers crossed... hope it's soon!

Leontien said...

oh my that looks proffessional!!!!

Hope the weather stays wonderful soo you'll have lot's of plants and vegetables!


Dar said...

Mercy, look at that gorgeous layout Cher. Love the companion gardening. I haven't done it quite so perfect, but do try to keep things in the right order somewhat. I do love what you have done. You deserve PRIDE.

Fred Alton said...

FANTASTIC lay-out! That's the way I want my garden to look if I ever plant one. ☺ I didn't even plant tomatoes this year...the ground NEEDED to lie fallow after producing so well for 6 years.

Remington said...