Apr 18, 2010

Planning Her Gardens

~ The New Mother Nature is Taking Over ~
She's such a tiny little 'imp' I just had to
add her to a scrapbook page.
Although she's not the youngest;
Miss Sydney's definitely the tiniest
of our six Grandchildren.
scrapped by CherShots 2009


The White Farmhouse said...

Isn't she cute? Love that sweet smile!

Sayit-baldys said...


Naturegirl said...

New beginnings..that's what Springtime brings! I love the New Mother Nature..and the beat goes on.Adorable photo!

siromade08 said...

She's just gorgeous little baby. I'm sure she's a proud of the family. Thanks for sharing.

The Retired One said...

Simply adorable!!!!

Nancy said...

How cute is this? Great photo!

Dee said...

Hi Cher, I welcome you as a follower with open arms and a big smile. I am a troll but my husband is a misplaced yooper. He was born in Escanaba and that is where his heart is. We live near Ithacca and Alma. I am enjoying reading your blog and find we have many things in common. It will be fun getting to know you. I love your blog background. Dee:)

~mel said...

Somebody's been playing with the orbs...lol. Love LOVE LOVE the Sydney page. She's such a cute little button! ooohhh... button... that just reminded me of all those buttons you have ~ did you come up with a project for them yet? Or are you going to just have a cool can full of buttons for the grandloves to look at when they visit? Either way... as Martha would say, "it's a good thing".

Dar said...

Isn't Sydney just the sweetest little tart. Nice scrapbook page to add to her Mommy's book.
Have a crafty week, dear sis...so...what ARE you going to do with the jar full of cool buttons?

Dee-cs said...

Awwww. I think this is the most adorable Mother Nature picture I ever seen! Sooo, sweet!

I see talent for scrapbooking runs in the family. You girls are so talented. :)

Wishing you a beautiful week!

I see I should had something to my name so as not to confuse folks...
How about Dee-cs? cs for country sass? Think that'll be okay? ;)

Denise said...

What a beautiful little girl and your photo is delightful. Thank you for sharing your Scrapbook page with Today's Flowers.

lil sis said...

Sydney is absolutely beautiful.
Looks like her momma.
Great job Cheryl - the tag
line is perfect too, that song will
be going through my head the rest
of the day!
Later girlie - hugs and kisses