Apr 19, 2010

Grapes Moved Home

Today we transplanted our grape vines.  Our neighbor gave us the vines a couple of years ago. At that time; we planted them along our split rail fence. Then last year we decided to build an arbor. Yes, we did it ourselves. Teamwork, that's what we're all about. Now that the arbor is done and the grapes are doing so well we decided to transplant them to their permanent home alongside the arbor. 
When that same neighbor moved and we became caretakers for his property, he told us to help ourselves to the grapes.  We picked and canned them into grape juice but if ours take off well enough we may start making wine.
But I love the juice recipe because it's so easy - just pick, clean and pack grapes into canning jars. Add water and sugar to taste. I only added about an even teaspoon per quart jar and it is plenty sweet - almost too sweet for our liking. Hot water bath and abra-ka-dab-ra ~  you have juice.  Strain the fruit and pour yourself a tasty treat. The pint sized jars on the left side of the pic are plum sauce. Very, very good on pancakes, eggrolls etc.  Oh boy, I'm making myself hungry ~ later all. 


Dar said...

You got your grapes in ... yipee!!! Now, about that wine!!! Sure sounds like a new mini business for you.
Your canning looks so pretty...love plum sauce on toast or ice cream.
I sure love your arbor? Are you still going to build benches inside?

moni said...

I love your grape arbor! You should soon have grapes up the wang, lol. Home made grape wine, yummy. :)

PS: Thanks for the visit. Now I have a new friend!!!

Dee-cs said...

Sweet! I can hardly wait until you post pictures of your grapes when they take off growing and cover your arbor. Although, it's such a pretty arbor it's kind of sad to think of it covered. I know it'll be charming.

Those grapes look yummy. I like that easy recipe. I've never did anything with fruits as far as canning and such. I know your canning makes many yummy foodies. :)

Dee said...

My daughter has grapes and the deer love them. Will this be a problem for you? I love the way canned goods look on a pantry shelf but better yet the way they taste in the dead of winter. You did a nice job on your arbor. Pretty and functional.

~mel said...

Okay... how would Daddy say it ~ may you be a fruitful con no sewer but not become a whine oh .... lol. You know what I mean!!

Love ya... and can't wait to be sitting in that arbor sipping your homemade some day soon.

Grow little grapes ... grow!

The White Farmhouse said...

We have never been lucky enough to get any grapes. My husband got so tired of them that he cut them all down. I may have to make a spot for them and try again though.

Denise said...

This is really impressive and I've enjoyed your post and photos very much.

Rosewood Cottage said...

I adore your grape arbor and what a wonderful bounty you have of grapes! beautiful! :)

carolina mountains said...

Great looking grapes - our bears and critters keep getting ours before we do!