Apr 21, 2010

Busy Bees

Let's see ...
we have so many projects started that need to get done ~ there are the birdhouses my dear mate assembled and I need to do some wood burning on, there's that antique showcase I started to sand down that needs to be refinished.We have some indoor 'winter' projects that have a start and are spread all over kindom-come waiting on us to complete. Oh boy, I just recalled there are 8 gallons of paint needing to be go on the walls. And two decks needing a refreshing coat of stain.And then there's other outdoor stuff like raking and seeding and gardening soon ... and ... and ...  oh yeah, that rock garden that's going to improve my muscle tone. I may have to entice my super hero to help on this one!
well I guess these things aren't going to get done if I sit here and type all day so I'll buzz off for now ~ but I'll 'bee' back sooner or later!


Dee said...

LOL. and I thought my to do list was long! Cher, you asked about what type of art I do when you visited my blog... If you look on my side bar and click on the posts that say Oodles Of Doodles you will see my style of art. I usually post them once a week but have gotten behind here lately. I have been posting them for almost a year now and my blogger friends encouraged me to take them a step farther.

CIELO said...

I can hardly wait to see all your lovely birdhouses up in the garden... so you go girl!


Cathy Clementz said...

This sounds familiar! We always have a spring to do list and for 3 years staining the cabin roofs has been on that list. THIS year, we are going to hire it done (too dangerous for Dan to be on a ladder and on a hip roof due to knees and back). HOPEFULLY the weather will be JUST right and we can get it done before we open for business! Good luck with all your things!

Dar said...

Don't you love it though, Cher. There is something about the cool spring air that invigorates us, boots us in the butt to get-er-done!...then...the energy gets sapped outa ya and remind us we all need rest. Have fun with your list, mine is getting monstrous!

lil sis said...

Woman, when you get done with
all of those projects, come on down
and help your lil sis around her yard.
My porch needs some Thompson Water
Seal put on it, the lawn needs mowing,
the shop needs cleaning,
the dog needs cleaning - lol
Have a beeiitful day- lol.
love ya - me

mountain.mama said...

Spring can be a very busy bee time of year!

You asked about the prayer flags. They are Buddhist and filled with prayers that are sent out into the world by the wind.

You can go to wikipedia for more information:


Denise said...

A cute post Cher and I love your little bee. I have a long list of my own to do, maybe I had better get off here too; nahhhh, maybe later ;)

Dar said...

Cher, in answer to your question?..Nope...already done that...HA!
I'm on my way to Walmart for some garden hose and a microwave....and whatever other eye candy I happen to NOT be able to resist...
Have a great Weekend Sissy, You too Thommy