Apr 12, 2010

Bat Houses and Bird Houses

The birds are ready for nesting so we hurried up and built a little thank you gift for our friends who furnish us with rain barrells.
Their last name is Moon so I thought I'd toss one on their bluebird house.

We had a martin house up for the past 3 years;sadly - without a martin in sight.  So this year Thom decided to build a bat house for that pole. He does the constructing, I do the wood burning or painting. As we sit out on the swing on summer evenings, we see the bats  whizzing by overhead. The more the merrier - they love eating misquitoes as much as we hate swatting them.  


The Retired One said...


Dar said...

The 'Moons' house was a nice idea, oh so talented one. The bat house is cool too, don't think I've ever seen one in anyones yard before.
Nice work Cher and Thom
You sure are busy beavers too this spring.
Bless Your Week

lil sis said...

I always knew you two were batty -lol.

The White Farmhouse said...

I so want a bat house! We have a retention pond/swamp on either side of us and the skeeters are horrid! I see the bats whizzing around at night. I think they are in our attic. Would love for more to come though! Love your special touches on your houses!

Dee said...

I love your bird and bat houses. I really enjoy you naming them the Moons, that's charming. :)
There's few bats around our house and we're always grateful to see them because of their appetite for mosquitoes and things. I hope you get a family of bats living in that nice new home that ya'll built for them soon.

Wishing you a day wonderful week!

~mel said...

Someones gone batty and it isn't me for once! lol You're gonna have some happy birds in the neighborhood and bats for sure. I love the wood carving; AND the carpentry work (see... I didn't forget you Thom). I know these are a husband and wife collaborative. Great job!!

Cher' Shots said...

Thanks Mel, Thom pulled his pouty lip back in.

Sayit-baldys said...


muchlove said...

Cute bird house! I like the carvings :)