Feb 22, 2012


I love dancing 
always have
always will

I started on my Daddy's toes
then graduated
to going solo
or joining my sisters
and in my teens 
'I rocked'! 
dreaming of dancing 
for a living 

until I met a new dance partner
who set my life a twirl
taking me in a new direction

years later my life changed again 
and I lost my dance partner
but I still danced in my dreams 

and then a new dance partner 
entered my life 

 who still sweeps me off my feet 

I hope to dance forever

all photos from the internet


TexWisGirl said...


~mel said...

what a cute post ... KEEP ON DANCIN'!!

Dar said...

Dance til the cows come home, Sista!

Paula said...

I too love to dance. Met John at a country music dance hall for single seniors.

Papa and Nana O said...

HEY - I didn't say you could use my picture in my cut-off shorts!! ;o)

Sharon said...

Good post. ;-)

Dar said...

Hey Sis, Did you forget how to do this? Miss seeing your entertaining entries. Hope all is well.