Feb 4, 2012

Great Day

We had a wonderful sunny day today.  Started it out by treating Thom to one of his favorite breakfasts - which I seldom make because they are just too darned good to be healthy!! And of course homemade is always made with love so they just have to taste the best! I know it's not quite the same but  here's a little food for your eyes: 

Cher's Cherry Cream Cheese Crepes
Recipe:  I just kind of make it up 
as I go along ... somehow they always turn out 

We ended the day with going out to eat with our new neighbors. If you remember my Dec 12th posting about the world renown organist Dave Wickerham stopping in for a visit ... well ~ he and his family moved next door to us. We have new neighbors!  Good food and good company is a great way to end a perfect day. Hoping your day was as good as ours.  Have a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday! 


debio said...

YUM!!!! I'll be right over for breakfast! :)

TexWisGirl said...

wow. it's like super-danish on a plate!

~mel said...

yum! You can make those for me anytime you want. So Dave is your new neighbor ~ that's fantastic ... it's always nice to have good neighbors that you get along with:)

jack69 said...

Whoa, looks 'just about' too good to eat!!!
Sooo Pretty and it is food?
Good on the neighbors, what a delight!!!

Dar said...

So did you make the neighbors the same breakfast? Lucky Thom.
Those do look soooo yummy.

Come At Me Bro said...

This is great!

Dar said...

the bod marks are from the quarters the tooth fairy left Bill and the choppers are his new teeth...sick, I'm told...lol He slept on the money and it stuck to him...he took them off before I could grab the camera...no fun at all.
lol I thought You'd get it!

Zoey said...

Oh, those look goooooood!

At least the fruit part is healthy. :)