Feb 2, 2012

Just a sampling of 
Our Backyard Birds 


Paula said...

You're back yard birds are sure pretty. Now what do you have in the front yard?

Denise said...

Lovely snowy pictures of your feathered friends.

TexWisGirl said...

ooh, neat! you get grosbeaks!

jack69 said...

Beauty of birds. Something so fragile looking about the small bird, but we know they must be tough. Not an easy life, dodging the predators they have, day and night.
I know somehow the feeders are appreciated in their little heads.
Good entry.
Love ya!!!

Dar said...

WOW! Pine Grosbeaks, little Redpolls, crow, Morning Dove...your feeder is a lot busier than mine. This is the first winter I have not fed...regrets! I know they forgive me cause I still see them all.
Love how brilliant the male Pine Grosbeak is....he's a beauty.

Kerin said...


Thanks for sharing :)

Have a great weekend.

Fred Alton said...

The most special shot was the one on the roof, almost camoflauged by the evergreen. All beautiful birds, except maybe the crow - and his mother thinks he's the blackest one in the bunch! ☺ Thanks for sharing, Cher.