Feb 15, 2012

Okay people
 the time has come ~
lets all think

Thank You! 


Dar said...

Let me lick the watermelon from my elbows,
listen to the buzz,
pick the berries,
pick the gorgeous flowers,
nap after a dip in the pool,
wake me to the scent of lemonade,
let the rainbow bubbles float by
as I dream quietly in the shade in my hammock....I am all there~~~
Thanks for sharing Sis

Paula said...

Love the pictures expecially the little watermelon eating girl.

jack69 said...

Watermelon, all the way to the white of the rind. !!
Of course no one here misses it here like the yoopers, but....... the pictures are nice!!!!

Fred Alton said...

It all looks good. 'Waller-melon" and seed-spittin contests, lying in the shade, drinking lemon-ade time is just around the corner. Keep those positive thoughts working. And don't forget - wherever you go, there you are. ☺

Remington said...

What a great post! Certainly cheered me up on this gloomy day....thank you!

Shelley said...

I see so many things I want to do in this fun photos! I think I'll lay in the hammock and eat the watermelon! :-)