Jan 7, 2011

What's on the Menu?

I'm going to make 
 beer-battered fish,
coleslaw and hushpuppies. 
Drooling at the thought of it. 
 I usually bake or pan fry fish
I'm hungry for some good
old fashioned deep fried
~ so it shall be !!!
I recently wrote about doing time
 on the dreaded treadmill
I'm not about to deprive myself
of one good guilt free
 meal of pure pleasure. 

All this 'fish' talk reminded me of my favorite picture of my husband fishing for halibut on one
 of our excusions out of Valdez, Alaska.  I sure do miss our summer fishing trips.
I did this scrap page a few years ago, it's one of my favorite scrap jobs.


jack69 said...

Awwww, we hope to be joining you in the deep fried meal. The boat is off the top of the motor home and ready to catch some Crappie, or Speckled perch, as they are called in Florida.

Yep a meal to be enjoyed, can hardly wait.

Hope yours is perfect! love the Pic. & quote.

Cathy Clementz said...

Is there anything you can't do??? That sounds like a heart specialists nightmare, but boy is my mouth watering. I LOVE hushpuppies and all that goes along with a great fish meal! The scrapbook photo is really wonderful.

~mel said...

Thumbs up on your scrap page of Thom ~ and I love that saying by Herman Melville.

Slim and I went for a fish fry last night up at the Green Lantern. I filled up on soup and salad and ordered the 2 piece fish with steak fries. I only ate one piece of fish for supper ~ I brought the other one home and told Sam and Ash NOT to eat it because it was for my lunch today. Guess what's in the garbage can this morning? The to-go box from my fish last night. argggghhh!!!

Tara Dillard said...

An incredible crab with radicchio over pasta last nite. Earlier in the week a divine fried fluke.

Ah, Lace Shoes !!!

Garden & Be Well, XO T

Fred Alton said...

LoL! Seems everyone is having fish. We had baked fish yesterday, with cheese grits, then made soup with the left-overs today! I much prefer it "deep-fat-fried"!

Lynilu said...

Dang, that sounds good!!

Dar said...

You made one of my favs, before all the high blood pressure came along. We had Fri. fish too but it was Sesame Coated Salmon Steaks in a bit of olive oil, Homemade Tartar Sauce, Mom's Lettuce Pea Salad. Yum,Yum. Keep smilin, Sweetcheeks...very cool scrapy of Thom. Love it

Remington said...

You are amazing at scrapbooking! Looks awesome!