Jan 4, 2011

Mmm ... How I Love that Smell

We all have 'favorite' scents.  A few of mine are the smell of bread baking, clothesline dried sheets, brisk mountain air and the scent of a fresh bathed baby.  But there is one scent that I haven't been able to get out of my mind for over 30 years ~ I know, I know ... sad but true.  I love the smell of a certain mens cologne.  Although I've been watching for it's return - I have had no luck finding it.  And truth be known if I did find it, I'm sure it would be such an old bottle that the scent would have changed with time.  But my little pug nose still quivers at the thought of smelling Russian Leather just one more time.  

I actually stopped by a table in a restaurant several years ago and asked the gentleman if I could ask him a question. He said sure so I asked if was wearing Russian Leather cologne, he chuckled and answered yes.  I told him that as I was passing their table I could tell as it is my favorite of all mens colognes.  It wasn't that he was drowning in it, but it was the fact that my nose happens to be fine tuned for that scent. 


Lynilu said...

I'm with you on those scents, right up to Russian Leather. I don't remember that at all, but I still love Grey Flannel. In the late '70s - early '80s, that smell would make me absolutely swoon.


Dar said...

ROFL~~~you go girly, and I hope you find it. My fav is still the Original Old Spice. Bill has tried others the kids have given him but he always goes back to his Old Spice. I love him for it. It is funny tho, that you stopped by an old fella and asked if he had Russian Leather on. Loveit. Was Thom with you? LOL

Enchanted Bush said...

I love old spice colone for men.

Fred Alton said...

Love the smell of Estee Lauder Youth Dew! I can pick it out a half mile away it seems. LoLz.

Fresh bread baking.

A fresh rain after the lawn has been mowed.

A sea-breeze.

Leaves in the fall.

Camp-fire smoke.

A Tampa Nugget cigar or a cherry pipe tobacco. (No I don't smoke 'em...just like the smell of 'em)

Dar said...

I still can smell the cherry pipe tobacco in Bill's Dads pipe after 16 yrs.

jack69 said...

Ahhhh, you stir up the memories, nothing like my Sherry in her Chanel #5.

But then I love the freshly washed baby!
Fresh baked Bread
Cinnamon rolls baking and Pop Corn poppin'.
Salt air at night, a campfire and the smell of many pipe tobaccos.
(And then there is the smell of a freshly bathed Sherry!!!!)

Good one Cher, keep the nose tuned!!!
Love from Florida!

My Body fIT Year said...

I love fresh bread cooking too.

~mel said...

The smell of coffee right when you open the can and it just made that little swish noise as the seal was broken.

I'm with Fred on that cherry pipe tobacco ~ mmmmm and Estee Lauder

and the scent Daddy had!!

British Sterling cologne
and cherry vanilla

The smell of balsam and pine tree branches when you put them on a hot fire

Maple syrup cooking

a fresh bathed baby ... mmm... nuzzling your nose in there little necks ... and smelling their little toes ... and kissing their little fingers ...ahhhhhhh stop me!! I just love little babies!!!

I could go on; but those would have to rank right up there with my favs

I remember Jeff one time when I was wearing a Vanilla Musk perfume and he told me I smelled so good he could lick me like a lolly ... LOL.... Yes... your Jeff!!! We were all out at Bob's Northern Pines ~ and he said it like really REALLY LOUD ... lol... oh yeah... those were the days! Thanks for conjuring up memories.

The White Farmhouse said...

I can't help it, but I love the smell of gas. It's weird. Polo by Ralph Lauren is my all time fav men's cologne. Cotillion by Avon is my fav women's. My mom always wore Cotillion. My first boyfriend wore Polo. Brings back such sweet memories. Black cherry pipe tobacco reminds me of my grandpa. My ultimate scent and feel is rubbing my cheek on my children's heads when their hair was just washed as a baby.

Sorry.... now I have to go and smell some stuff....

My Morning Musing said...

Oh yes the aroma of very good coffee :-)

Kathy said...

Isn't it amazing that smells can POOF! Snap us back to a memory like nothing else?! New baby, new PUPPY, popcorn, ocean air, and my grandmother's Estee Lauder. I have a box of her old jewelry and when I open it and the smell wafts up I can see her and hear her, clear as anything.

This was fun.