Jan 26, 2011

Take a Trip with Me!

I lived down the road from Santa's House.
We've been to the Yukon Quest!

I was thinking about some of the traveling I've done. I'm adding links so you can have a little peek of what I experienced in real life. I may not be a world traveler like my husband was throughout his military career, but then I never lived in several countries like he did either. However; I have enjoyed some parts of the United States and Canada that others may not have seen. I've been up and down the Alkan several times, across the upper parts of the U.S. and the lower parts of Canada. I've also traveled  the infamous Interstate 35 and have at one time or another covered that highway from Duluth, Mn to as far as Dallas/Ft. Worth Tx. Here are a few - and I do mean a few only - of the places I've been. Now I'd like to share them with you. Enjoy!

Watson Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada  
 Sign Post Forest

I've seen Niagara Falls from the Canadian side  
and experienced a virtual ride over the falls via
I had a 58 second elevator ride
from ground to the top of  
tallest free standing tower in the world.
I went back in time at Casa Loma, Toronto 

I've had rolls thrown at me at the
talk about some good eating!!! 
And I've been up the Big Muddy on the

As I said these are just a few of the things I've seen and done but it sure was fun going down memory lane and re-visiting all of these places again today.  I hope you enjoyed the trip. 
** please note all photos on this post were found on the net **


The White Farmhouse said...

I love Casa Loma! It is such a beautiful place. We went when I was younger. We also went to the Toronto Zoo and it was fabulous. You may not be a world traveler but you have been to some great places.

texwisgirl said...

I've driven that I-35 trek a few times. I get off at Albert Lea, MN and hook a right into Wisconsin to see family in Central Wis. :) That stretch thru Kansas can be killer! :)

The Canadian sights sound wonderful. I've never been but can only imagine the country is beautiful in lots of ways - and North Pole too!

Fred Alton said...

Love all the sites as I love to travel. I've been to N.O. and up and down the "Big Muddy" from Venice to Baton Rouge on ships. Passed by Lamberts in Sikeston but didn't stop. Next time. Been to Toronto, but not in the tower. I've seen Niagara but from the US side only. Well... one has to save a few things for the next trip! ☻

jack69 said...

Never been to Santa's house in the Winter that is for sure. We did stop there in the summer.
Love from Florida

jack69 said...

Lost a post.
Never done the tower, or the Castle. We were up to see my sister once and somehow missed that.

I-35 only in MO. and never had rolls thrown at me (however other things have been thrown at me).

Love the trips and places keep it up. Do love Nawlins though. Placed a sign in the 'Sign Forest' but it needs to be replaced. (Meaning I would like to drive back up there).

Love ya! MORE!

Dar said...

Nice to visit the places you've been GirlyCher...now if only I could get Bill to stop somewhere in between Point A and Point B...
Nice entry
BlessYourHeart...(((hugs and ***'s)))

Kathy said...

OKay. Not many people know about Lamberts unless you're traveling through Missouri. And no one BELIEVES you when you tell them!! As for the Head-Smashed In Buffalo Jump - I thought that was a joke the first time I heard of it. Thanks to the Internet I discovered it wasn't. I'm green with envy!! LOL You've had you a bit o'fun haven't you? This was a great post. It made me smile. - Kathy

Remington said...

I really needed the vacation so thank you for taking me with! I am totally relaxed now! BTW -- this was a really fun post -- love the pics too!

Dee said...

I have not traveled much but I do enjoy traveling with my blogger friends...thanks for sharing.

DoanLegacy said...

Wow..you did travel more than me..and your photos are just fantastic!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

FUN! Love your world tour. You have done some fun things!

Denise said...

Wonderful places you've been to. I've enjoyed all your photos. Have seen a few of them and still look forward to others on my bucket list. One of these days :) Thanks for stopping by.

moin dpfoc said...

I also visited Niagara Falls last year and its awesome experience for me. Maid of the Mist boat ride was really adventurous experience for us.