May 4, 2010

Yes ~ It's My Happy Face!

We completed our newest rock garden last week. I still have some seeds to sow but because of our growing season, I won't plant until the end of the month. I'm just so tickled that some of our projects are moving right along!  I can't get the smile off my face. It's like it's plastered on! And today I found "something" that I've been searching for to complete yet another project.
Happy dance, happy dance! Thom said that when I came out of "St. Vinny's" he knew I found "something special" just by my huge smile. I actually felt giddy but after all it was such a great deal.  So I told him to back the car up to load up my find ... 
but you'll just have to wait for the "rest of the story."  

Now don't forget to check back in a few days. It'll be worth it ~ well at least it put a huge smile on my face!


Dar said...

I HATE when you do that! So....what's made that big smile surface. I can't wait.
I DO love your rock garden. What are you planting in it? Too Cool!
Now, stop teasing.

moni said...

OK, I'm waiting and I am not even going to try and guess.

The White Farmhouse said...

Hmmmm..... Argh, I hate surprises! Now I am not going to be able to sleep! Great job on the rock garden!

Evelyn said...

:) Love the huge yellow face. OOh, good luck with yr project.

Evelyn said...

:) Love the huge yellow face. OOh, good luck with yr project.

~mel said...

Happy face ... happy face ... I LOVE your happy face ~ although it does make you look rather yellowed. haha!! Your rock garden looks fantastic. I especially like the two rocks that match ~ reminds me of the fireplace over at the farm and the way Dad had matched the split stones. Great job!!

Kathy said...

The happy face - it WRECKED ME!! Still laughing. Can't wait to see why you are doing the "Snoopy happy dance." Tra-la Kathy

lil sis said...

Rock on Woman....
lovin the rock garden.
Looks like a great size for herbs.
Can't wait to see what you're up to
now. If I ever make it to Michigan,
we'll just have to go visit St. Vinny's.
Sounds like my kind of place.

later, love ya and miss ya - me

Dragonfly Treasure said...

OOO I can't wait!!!
Glad things are coming together too!

Dee-cs said...

Good Morning Happy Face.
Love the charming rock garden.
I can hardly wait to see what put the huge smile on your face. I know it's a dandy.