May 23, 2010

YES ~ I got an Award!

I'm so excited, I got my first blog award!  It's not gold, silver or bronze - but that doesn't matter. What matters is that I GOT AN AWARD, even if it's plastic. lol  How does one thank someone for such an award other than simply saying Thank You to the giver: TheWhiteFarmhouse.  As a recipient I am to name 5 sexy characters from either movies or TV. So I have to think this out carefully ~ put on the thinkng cap and pick my faves or at least the ones I can think of at the moment.
The first on my list would have to be the timeless Sean Connery. Is it proper for a Grandma to say Mmm... Yummy when oogling a hunk?! You have to admit he's aged nicely~ just like a fine wine!
Then there's another heartthrob: Viggo Mortensen from the Lord of the Rings series. He played Aragorn, aka Strider. Excuse me people as I dabble my drool.
There outa be a law ~ oh wait, maybe there is!!
You know this is harder to do than you would think.  I usually just enjoy the scenery and secretly fantacize for brief moments, but through this award I'm asked to share my inner thoughts of men I don't even know, but find sexy - and truth be known; sometimes beauty is only skin deep. 
  Next: Kevin McKidd - he plays on Grey's Anatomy now but I loved him in the tv series Rome when he played Lucius Vorenus for 22 episodes.  Maybe it was his sweet ruggedness that I liked.
Johnny Depp ~ strange but true, there is just something about him (or his characters) that I find sexy. Okay, so maybe not all his characters but a few.
BUT: the sexiest of them all is this guy: my husband Thom. And yes he is quite the character too. Just ask anyone who knows him, they'll agree. AND he had his moment on the set, he did a walk through on a the TVseries Mannix. He'll always be my shinging star as he plays the number one role in my life.
Now I need to pass this award on to 5 fellow bloggers:
Cathy @ Yooper Yarns
~ carry on girls, carry on  ~


~mel said...

As I was reading this post I was thinking to myself... oh please don't pass this on to me... please don't pass this on to me. I love reading when other people do these things; but I really don't like to do them... so please accept my apologies and pass it on to someone who will participate. I ENJOYED reading your answers though. lol AND I learned something new again about my brother-in-law ~ He was a movie star!!

Cher' Shots said...

OMG Mel, I racked my brain just searching for FIVE people with our sense of humor. But I understand. I'll just leave your link up as a bonus for more visitors. Love ya!

The White Farmhouse said...

Bravo! Love your first choice. I remember Mannix, don't remember seeing your hubby though. I bet he was dazzling! I think the only sexless character Johnny Depp played was Willie Wonka. Nothing sexy about that character! I can't wait to read everyone's answers! Glad that you liked the award!

Dee said...

My first thought when I opened your blog was HUH? I must say your choices aren't bad.

Kathy said...

This cracked me up! And I agree with your #1 choice. I'm sure I saw him on Mannix. He was "man #5" walking right behind that black car, wasn't he? It was the epi where Mannix was chasing down the bad guy in his car, right?! I SAW that one!!! hahahaha!!