May 6, 2010

Patience my Friends

Oh how I hate to
slip the news
but my "surprise" project
is taking longer to finish
 than I had hoped! 
But believe me,
it's pretty cool. 

~ Thanks for your patience ~
I'm still smiling!


~mel said...

You are such a tease! LOL LOVE the "slip the news" image.

Dee-cs said...

That is the purdiest slip of newspaper I ever seen. lol

Hope to hear about your new project soon.

Thanks for your 'ponder' you sent to me. You literally made me laugh-out-loud! I never thought about 'it' before, but it does make you wonder. lol
I hope you'll understand that I'll have to keep the comment private and unpublished.
Thanks for the huge giggle, I needed that!

Dee said...

It must be something Hurry up I can not wait...waiting kills me. I will be back tomorrow. Dee

Dar said...

Not even a Hint? Darcie is holding out too, oh I know, You ARE moving closer to home!!! Yipeeeeee!!!