May 28, 2010

This Weeks Super Finds

This has been  an exciting week as far as snagging some SUPER FINDS! I have been searching for LARGE terra cotta pots for the past few years. My patience has certainly paid off. I just knew that someday, somewhere I would come across some that I would be willing to pay the price for ~ and that day was yesterday! We had a little time to kill before my hubby's Dr. appt so we stopped in at a thrift store and found these treasures there ~
The "small" pot is 18 inches across and the "big" pot is 22 inches across.
You can tell by the recycle bin (another steal at $1.50) and cooler setting behind them that they are not your ordinary little terra cotta planters. Now here's the deal ~ the small one cost $9.99 and the big fella was only $14.99.  I've searched them online and these exact same planters cost as much as $75.00 to $250.00!!!! These are some heavy duty planters we're talking about.  And if that wasn't enough to give my big strong man a good workout - we stopped at an antique store and he found himself something he's been hoping to find for some time - an antique cast iron bell.  It needs a little sand blasting but it's a big fella too at 18" across and it comes with the original clapper (very important you know) and with the ringing arm! A true find.
Then this morning we had a little shopping to do at the local hardware store and they happened to have some things on sale in their greenhouse. Lucky me ~ we got this wonderful huge fuschia plant for only 20 bucks.
There is a 12" pot hidden in there somewhere and it's just loaded with buds!  But the absolute best part of this week was finding out that my dear husband Thom continues to be cancer free


Dar said...

Most important, I am SOOO Happy to hear of THOM'S news. Awesome, cancer free!!!
Quite the finds indeed. I would Love those planters on my deck. Great prices too for real terra cotta.
And that BELL, WOW, a nice big one. So, where is the big guy gonna hang the grape arbor? or off the end of the deck?...I hope he uses it to call ya for supper!
Yep, it was worth the wait to see all of your new-to-you treasures. Now, go smell your roses and ring that bell.
Have a great Memorial Weekend

~mel said...

Isn't it fun when you come across such bargains. Can't wait to see what gets planted in the flower pots. Have a great weekend!! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

You found some fantastic bargains! Can't wait to see what you plant! Isn't this heat in Michigan crazy? I have to work outside in stages! Last night I was sweating like a pig and was in the shade! Hope you are having a wonderful Memorial weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

wanted to add wonderful news about cancer free! :)

Dee said...

Great news to hear about your husband being cancer free..and those pots are a super duper bargain.

The Retired One said...

Very good health news...congrats! how wonderful.
and when you guys go hunting for treasures, I see they are BIG treasures, not tiny ones! Good for you!

moni said...

Congratulations to Thom on being cancer free, can't get any better than that! I locw your big pots, wonderful size for large porch or patio plants. I just love finding bargains.

moni said...

hahahaha, locw = love. That's what I get for typing in the dark, lol