Nov 2, 2009

My Wireless World

I remember a time when my kids were quite young and the television quit working; it bit the dust and was a goner. In those days, we didnt run right out and get a new one, we spent months SAVING for a replacement.

But as I recall, I accomplished more in those few months than I did in several previous ones. I pulled out the treadle sewing machine and stitched up some of the cutest little kids clothes, and patched up worn out work jeans.. Ok, I know you're wondering about the "treadle" machine, and NO - it's not that I'm that old, it's just that I loved that machine and it was all I had at the time, it was functional and so I put it to work.

I delved into my recipe collection and rediscovered cooking and baking, I spent time playing with the kids, took walks, READ books and finished up a lot of odd little projects that had been put on the back burner for too long.

Now several decades later here I am caught up in a world where I sit in front of a computer, spending precious hours surfing the net, wasting time day dreaming, doing virtual landscaping, getting upset with online news reports, shopping, etc. My evenings are spent multi-tasking - I'm in front of the tv and on the laptop at the same time. Such talent! When in reality, it's such a waste of talent.

I wonder what my world would be like if I lost electricity. I still have that treadle sewing machine, lots of candles and oodles of crafting supplies gathering dust. Hmm... just wondering!


~mel said...

Hey... Just popped in to say ~ hey! We have become spoiled with technology; and it's okay to 'remember when' but I still don't want to give up what we have now. But it is kind of sad when you think of some of the children of this generation that don't even know some of the things we did 'way back when' and realize what they have; but more importantly what they missed out on. Now for shitsgrinsandgiggles go and sew something with the old treadle machine... and light a candle. Love ya!

Dee said...

First of all... Your new blog theme and colors are beautiful and so charming. Great job on the decor!!!

I agree with Mel. We're spoiled by technology and I don't want to give it up. lol

Your thoughts and blog posts echo the way we used to be, only my sewing machine isn't a treadle. ;)

Wishing you a dreamy week of sweet nostalgic memories! :)

Dar said...

Back to the good ol' has hooked us but I still miss 'hooking' rugs, quilting, knitting, crocheting, real scrapbooking, paper, bead, seed and rock crafts with the wee ones, sherenschnitte, all the fun stuff...I am yearning for renewal I guess...I love that the ol' treadle machine gave you so much start sewing for your babygrands on it...they will be so impressed at your talent. Miss you

~mel said...

Every time I come on here it's a new back ground ... loving it!!! Now... how about a new post. lol I love them too!!